The Gorilla trekking experience can only be felt by those who have really done this amazing adventure. Most coming to Rwanda to Volcanoes National Park, are clueless about Gorilla Trekking experience. We can say this. It is unlike any other Safari Experience in Africa, this one is unique and full of adventure, as you will physically be involved in the trekking process. You put your adrenaline on to test, as you go about hiking in search of the gorilla in their habitat. For most, it is a once in a lifetime experience that mere words cannot describe. It is a personal encounter with the Gentle Giants of the Forest, as you later come face to face with them, seat around them and observe them go about their daily lifestyle. They are a close cousin to Human Beings being 98% plus similar to us in genetic make-up.

Your given an hour of encounter, as you watch the silver backs, juveniles play around as they swing from tree branch to next one, mothers’ groom their babies. The experience is just magical, as you may even shade tears as often seem with some tourists’ when they encounter these beautiful creatures.

The Gorilla Trekking experience cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world but only in the wild of Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo. The Mountain Gorillas do not survive in captivity, only in the wild. One reason that this sought after an encounter is on the bucket lists of thousands around the world.

Gorilla Treks are anywhere from three to six hours in duration. For one-hour, you are in the presence of a Gorilla Family. For some, that is not enough, and they choose to trek the gorillas twice or opt for the more extended ~Gorilla Habituation Experience which is in Bwindi in Uganda.

By the end of the trek, you will really feel you have done, something worth your effort to travel all that way round in search for your lost relatives. Thousands, go on gorilla trekking every year, but everyone always describe the experience as very unique, and a must do activity. The trek is worth the effort.