An encounter with gorillas in Volcanoes National Park, after trekking up and down amidst the shrubs in the jungle, here comes the long-awaited moment, when you finally take a first site at the gentle giants. It is the followed with a wide smile, full of surprise, at a point you may feel frighten, by their looks or social behaviors, as you see the juveniles, swing up and down or even approach you. This is a magical hour of interacting with the gorilla trekking. Nothing more like talking, it’s the moment for the eyes, ears and the cameras to take action, with minimal movements.

Trekkers here are required to keep a low tone as they accurately take photographs not forgetting to avoid a direct look in the eyes of the gorillas, as they are shy and may charge or move away. A dominant silverback gorilla is the head and determines the movements of the entire family. Female adults nurse the young ones, and the juveniles entertain the family, which make a stay with them so amazing.  The human like characters of gorillas make them amazing animals to spend time with, but at a distance of seven meters away from the gorillas.

When you encounter with gorillas, don’t use flashlights on your cameras, remember to turn lights off. More still, trekkers are advised to turn back their faces when sneezing or coughing to avoid the transmission of diseases to the endangered gorillas in the volcanoes national park. Trekkers are reminded to avoid looking direct into the eyes of the gorillas to avoid them charging. In case approached by the gorillas, trekkers are told to keep calm, and quiet and let them pass, just enjoy looking at them, they cause no harm.

Running way or shouting may disrupt the gorillas hence causing them behaves wildly despite them being habituated and you may lose truck of them. You will be entitled to an hour encounter with gorilla in Volcanoes National Park, and later you will leave them to continue with their normal life. Remember you will only carry the memories, so take as many short as you can for your memory. This is a lifetime experience to share.