Adventure awaits those willing to trek the Democratic Republic of Congo’s volatile Mount Nyiragongo, one of the world’s most dangerous and volatile volcanic active mountain. Nyirangongo Volcano (3470m) is a large basaltic stratovolcano located about 15 km north of the city of Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Lake Kivu and just west of the border with Rwanda. For easy trek, a night at Goma town or shores of Lake Kivu, makes it easy for you to access the park early for the trek, however, we book our trips early for easy arrangement of Visas and hiking permits, as it’s a must to buy the permit for one to easily get a Congolese Visa. The speed of the flows in 2002 and in a similar fissure eruption in 1977 were exceptionally high, making it one of few volcanoes where lava flows present an immediate hazard to human life.

However, this has become, a big tourism boost in the area in addition to the Virunga National Park, the oldest National Park in Africa, offering gorilla trekking as its major attraction. A trek to Nyirangongo’s lava lake, is one of the most amazing activities that every adventurous soul should not miss on hiss bucket list, as this trek is most rewarding with a beautiful encounter of the natural forest, flora and fauna, local Congolese residents, and the beautiful icon view of the hot melt pot lava on the top of the Volcano. A summit to the 11,382-foot mountain is worth an encounter, as your left in total illusion of the beauty of the love look.

Whilst the frequently active Nyamuragira takes the form of a classic shield volcano, Nyirangongo has a classical cone shape with slopes up to 50 degrees near the summit. The main summit crater of Nyiragongo is a 1-1.2 km wide steep-sided pit with terraces marking the former locations of lava lakes. The volcano is famous for the frequent presence of active lava lakes within the summit crater. The hike is strenuous, and tiresome, you need to have some level of fitness so as to be able to concur the summit, as a night has to be spent on top and descend the next day by midday your down in town of Goma and transferred back to Rwanda.

A night is spent at the summit, and at least two days is ideal for the hike. For those needing a wonderful moment of trekking this beautiful mountain, book with our team in advance to have everything arranged for you. Your trek can be combined with African wildlife safari or gorilla safari to entice your stay and make it a memorable one, a lifetime experience to share.

How to Take Nyirangongo Volcano Trip

Book you trip with our sales team, and we get all arranged for you as a package as part of your wildlife or gorilla safari adventure. All shall be made easy for you from accommodation to transport, visa, and meals. You’re in safe hands, as we have been handling this for years.

Getting to Nyiragongo Volcano:

Our visitors fly into Kigali, Rwanda, and drive three to four hours to the Congolese border. We can sometimes spend a night at Lake Kivu area and cross the next early morning for the trek or spend a night at Goma town. Our safari guide will transfer you safely to the trekking point the next morning for your trek.

How to get Congolese Visa.

We give a hand to arrange everything for our clients, upon purchase of the hiking package, as you require a hiking permit for one to get the Congolese Visa.