Bird watching is one of the most enjoyed and carried out activities for birders as the Virunga area is also known to be a birding paradise beside the golden monkeys and gorilla trekking activities which has made this park so famous worldwide. Birding here can be done even alongside the golden monkey trekking and gorilla trekking. There are over 200 distinct bird species that call the park their home with mainly the Albertine rift endemics, of which 13 of these Species and 16 sub species are restricted in range to Virunga and Rwenzori Mountains.

Bird watching species in Volcanoes National Park

The bird species that can be encountered include Rwenzori turaco, dusky crimson-wing, Archer’s ground robin, francolins, Rwenzori double collared sunbird, red-faced woodland warbler, strange weaver, collared apalis and Rwenzori batis to mention but a few. If you’re interested in a birding safari in Rwanda, consider Volcanoes National Park as your birding destination. Do not forget to bring along a pair of binocular and camera for bird watching and many other.

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