When choosing a gorilla family to trek, there are a lot of factors to consider, to choose which gorilla family to trek, and be assigned to. There are over 10 gorilla families at Volcanoes National Park, and they offer different experience all. Some are well habituated and so close to clients. Some families have many silverbacks, juveniles, and females, and some have many members in the group, which can give you more experience to sight many gorillas. There are so many reasons for choosing a gorilla family to trek. Some tourists do not know about this. In case you’re having a good guide, from a great company, they will always ask you about your interest and then your physical fitness, which determines your trekking ability.

There are like three levels of trekking, from easy, to medium to difficult gorilla group. Some gorilla groups are nearer, and easy to reach, hence less hiking, some are medium, and you hike a little, while some are far away, which need more hiking to reach them, but still offers great experience, as you enjoy the hiking and trekking as well. Elderly clients and those with mobility issue, are always assigned near group, which are easy to reach. Always end ever to tell you guide, your health issues, because you may look healthy on appearance yet you’re not good at hiking and you fail to make it to the gorillas.

Many clients often fail to make it up to the gorilla trekking point due to their health complications and unfit to hike. But majority always succeed to the gorillas, and the smile, they have, is always a lifetime moment. Some gorilla families are also near, easy to drive and reach the trekking point, while some are far away like an hour drive to the trekking point.