You can visit Volcanoes National Park for gorilla trekking and other activities at any time of the year, though it would be good if you considered the seasons like from March to May, it’s a long rainy season and this means that this time of the year doesn’t favor those that are intending to visit places like volcanoes for gorillas and golden monkeys and other forest activities since the rain is very heavy and insistent , and gorilla trekking becomes so challenging as the tracking trails are not easy and you may not be able to see many wildlife species as you would do in the dry season. This means the floor would be very wet and sleepily. June to Mid-September and December to February

Best month and time to Visit Volcanoes National Park

This time of the year is usually dry and the best time to visit Rwanda. For those who want to trek and do canopy walks this is the best time because the trails are dry and passable. However, most of them are a tropical rain forest especially PNV and so you definitely have to carry a jacket and boots just in case, nature here is unpredictable. Being I the tropical zone, this means any time you could face a rain fall. Being a dry season is not a guarantee of no rain. Hiking is also easier during this season, since the trails may be a bit drier and not so boggy as in wet season whereby, they are so sleepily and boggy, hard to move over.

Recommended season of visiting Volcanoes National Park

However, the wet season too has some advantage as it gives you best chance of seeing specific mountain gorilla families of the Virunga’s might want to plan your primate trip in one of the wet seasons. During the rains, the climate at the higher elevations is cooler and the gorillas prefer to remain on the lower slopes; here, it is easier to track and spot them. In addition, food is more plentiful in this season and the gorillas don’t have to wander too far to find their favorites, which include tender bamboo shoots, stinging nettles, wild fruits, wild celery, and other vegetation. You might just be able to find your assigned and preferred gorilla family within an hour or two of departing for the hike; though, the trails can be challenging to traverse due to wetness. During the rains, the reserve is also green with fresh vegetation, making it all the more beautiful.

Birders and photographers best time of a Visit Volcanoes National Park

For the birders, still rainy season is the perfect one for you, as there is plenty of food, and for any clear day without rain, it will give you the great chance to spot a number of species. For the photographers, you know how nature and a cloudy day do it well for a clear coverage, as the plants will look all green in your shots. One advantage of visiting during the rainy seasons is that fewer people choose to come during these periods, making it a tourism low season, so some accommodations in Volcanoes Park offer rate discounts via your tour operator booking. In a nutshell, it’s enjoyable to vacation in this stunning locale at any time of the year, since each experience is magical and different to every tourist. All in all, not matter the weather; you will still have a great chance to see the gentle giants.