Activities that you can do before or after your Gorilla Trek; often majority to tourists are so much focused on gorilla trekking only and do not know, that are is a lot that can be done besides gorilla trekking. You can get yourself engaged on a lot of adventure activities around the park to keep you busy before and after the gorilla trekking.

You can visit the Iby Iwacu Culutral village for a cultural encounter to get an en light about Rwandan cultural insight. These are the former poachers who nowadays resorted into tourism as a way of learning a living as conservation is geared than poaching. You can take a visit to the twin lakes and Visit Lake Burera and Lake Rukondo, which will reward you with a great experience. Number of birds can be sight along when you take a boat ride along the lakes.

Other activities that you can do before or after your Gorilla Trek.

You can as well decide to take a canoe ride along River Mukungwa to experience a wonderful moment, where you paddle along this great river as you explore its great settings challenging the wave rapids.

You can engage on the hiking of the volcanos of the great Virunga around. Both Mount Muhabura and Bisoke volcanoes, their summits can be concurred within a day, which can give you great hiking experience as you explore the flora and fauna that can be seen along the way. Hiking Mount Karisimbi takes two days with a night on the summit. For Mount Bisoke, it has a crater lake on top, which makes it unique for those who love photography, do not miss out this great moment. You can as well hike to Diane Fossey graveyard, where she was laid to rest. Diane Fossey hike is one of the most incredible hikes that most tourists take to pay respect to the incredible lady who played a great role towards gorilla conservation.

Trekking golden monkeys, is also one of the famous activities done around Volcanoes national park, that many tourists always love to participate in. a moment with the shy golden monkeys is always rewarding as you sit around them and watch their social ways of life. The trek is almost similar to gorilla trekking however not as much hectic as gorilla trekking.

You can as well try and do a second gorilla trek, as many feel it’s worth to spend a second chance and visit another gorilla family, if their budget can cater for.

Community walk, for a community encounter is one, thing you can take around to get you day going as, you can visit different families and schools around to have a community experience. You can as well take a guided walk to the gardens and visit to the local market.

Visit the Diana Fossey Karisoki institute to have a history tell about the great work of this amazing woman who played a great role towards gorilla conservation and their entire protecting to which she sacrificed her entire life on it.

Lake Kivu, is one spectacular lake that you can drive to, and visit this beautiful lake. You can as well decide to take a boat trip around or do kayaking along to keep you busy for the day, as you enjoy water adventure for the day. The lake is just an hour drive away from Musanze. Lake Kivu has very beautiful islands that is of great attraction and worth a boat ride to visit. The water is fresh, and one can swim freely. You can as well visit the beaches for beach life and relaxation after your trek.

Cying is one activity done around the park, as you can cycle within the neighboring communities. You can as well take cave exporation vist, to visit numerous caves around, including visit Buhanga Eco Park, with great history of Rwanda Kingship leadership era. Bird watching is also one of the famous activities around the park that you can get involved in.