Kinigi guest house which is also referred to as “Village Touristique de Kinigi” is a budget accommodation facility situated on the rim of Sabyinyo Volcanic Mountain within Kinigi district. This nice guest house is found about 11 kilometers from the town of Ruhengeri. It is owned as even run by Association de Solidarité des Femmes Rwandese – ASOFERWA, which is an organization for orphans as well as widows. It is a profitable way that looks after orphans, women groups as well as needy people. They also have a project by orphans and widows that makes beautiful local art and craft items which they sell to tourists as a way of generating income.

This Guest House is a peaceful place with spectacular views over the volcanic Virunga Mountain ranges. It’s a popular habitat of the mountain gorillas which are loved by several tourists. It is well located at the bottom of the Sabyinyo volcanic mountain.

Kinigi Guest House is well designed and houses roughly forty visitors, rooms beautiful furnished while the main source of power is electricity. Luxury tourists can use the VIP suite for utmost privacy. It is a couple of meters drive from the park headquarters and only ten minutes from Ruhengeri.

The staff is warm and friendly, as most of them are got from the neighboring community. The Food stuffs plus additional items are purchased from the local people and that is how the local community benefits from this guest house.

The guest house has approximately 20 rooms including singles, double plus VIP rooms at reasonable prices. The rooms are appointed and roomy to make your stay pleasant. Whoever wants to see wonderful gardens and enchanted areas, can always visit Kinigi Guest House.


  • There are twenty (20) rooms at the guest house, and these can accommodate more than 40 people.
  • The showers are supplied with running hot and cold water.
  • There are also dormitories at Kinigi guest house, and these can accommodate more than sixteen people. So, this is appropriate for students and guests visiting in large numbers as well as those on limited budgets. Dormitories have shared bathroom facilities and there is running hot and cold water.
  • The rooms are supplied with electricity for lighting in most cases.
  • They have a good restaurant that prepares a variety of tasty dishes offered at very affordable prices.
  • The guest house has a lounge area having a fireplace where guests can unwind in the evenings at the end of the different adventure activities including Gorilla tracking.

Dining at Kinigi Guest House

There is a restaurant at the guest house, and this offers a variety of scrumptious dishes. The meals for the day depend on the menu. There are also shared kitchen facilities. The bar is well stocked with assorted drinks; you can choose to sit at the bar as you sip your drink of your preference.