Mountain Gorilla Nest, or simply ‘Gorilla’s Nest’, as it’s usually known, is a little north of Kinigi, and very close to the main headquarters of Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park – from where all the hikes to see the gorillas depart in the morning. Previously a larger and good quality hotel, it was taken over by Dubai World in 2008, and was undergoing lengthy and considerable refurbishments.

So close to the entrance to Parc National des Volcanes (Volcanoes National Park) that you can ‘almost’ roll out of bed and onto your gorilla tracking hike. With 40 rooms available and being this close to the park it’s no surprise that most visitors to the gorillas choose to stay at Mountain Gorilla Nest Lodge rather than anywhere else.

Your stay might not be exclusive and romantic, but you can share in the joys of seeing the mountain gorillas with your fellow travelers. Built in a grove of trees, the rooms are arranged in a large semi-circle around a central courtyard. The rooms are all en-suite and there is also a spacious restaurant with a large bar. The food is simple and sufficient, and electricity is supplied by a generator. The staffs here have seen a million visitors head out on gorilla treks, so if you are worried in the slightest simply ask. They also provide morning wake ups so that you don’t miss your gorilla appointment!