Volcano hiking Rwanda has always been an essential element of many Rwanda adventure trips, leading our guests on incredible hikes that are only accessible, safe and worth doing since the couple of years of our operations and experience. Over the years, combining our love for hiking with what we do best guiding we’ve established a full series of guided hiking tours. These hikes are fascinating and breathtaking as you explore the sacred valleys, Volcanic Mountains and thousand hills of Rwanda. If you’re an adventurer who loves being out in nature, a hiking and trekking tour should be next on your holiday basket list.

Let it be volcano hiking combined with gorilla trekking safaris, golden monkey trekking safaris, wildlife safaris, canopy walks, cultural tours, or biking safaris, we always make sure we have something physical worth burning energy combined in our tours to keep our clients active. Travel on foot when you really want to learn about a place. Whether you’re trekking gorillas in the Volcanoes, through Bisoke, Sabinyo, Karisimbi or around Muhabura, hiking brings you close to the land and its people. Side trips help vary the pace and allow for cultural exploration.

You can take a hike to explore the Volcanoes thus the Mount Karisimbi, Mount Muhabura, Mount Bisoke, or explore the Diana Fossey graveyard and as well as do the Congo Nile trail Hikes. There are a number of waterfalls trails worth hiking and visiting in Nyungwe Forest National Park as well. Like to hike, but looking for a fully self-supported wilderness adventure? Explore our trips. Whether it’s a high climb to the Volcanoes, or an incredible stroll across a stunning landscape, Beyond Kigali City Tours has hiking and trekking options for all ages and budgets.

Why go on a guided Volcano Hiking Rwanda

Joining a guided trek offers guests many unique opportunities, including: to experience an area fully and maximize your time by going with experts; to confidently tackle trips you otherwise might not try on your own; to travel light and show up at your chosen destination with everything ready to go for you; to not have to worry about permits, reservations, itineraries, meals, gear, local transportation and all the tiny details of executing a trip; to take advantage of backcountry side trips that include stock support: to learn a lot more about the area you’re visiting than you would if un-guided; to learn the time-tested techniques professional guides use for hiking, camping, cooking, orienteering, planning, and general backcountry travel. Our safaris come as a package, with all inclusive.