Sometimes you may be wondering, and imagining, what other activities besides gorilla trekking can be done? will you just seat and relax for the whole day, imagine the gorilla trekking might have ended before mid – day, maybe you were lucky the group were nearer. You need not to worry, Rwanda Eco Company and Safaris or Beyond Kigali City Tours has got you covered all in all, we design extremely excellent itinerary together with our clients so as to kill the entire boredom they are fighting from their long day working hours at home.

You want something adventurous and crazy, something cool, do you want to interact with the locals and be lost in the African culture. You with the right safari company that will look into your subject matter and suggest something for you. Seat at the balcony and spending the rest of the evening just for yourself as you feel the cool forest breath, the cool fresh air, as you read your novel seated in your short pants, may be your choice to feel yourself at ease and maximum full enjoyment.

Beside gorilla trekking you can do village and community walk

However we can make it more adventurous by doing a village walk to meet the local community, visit the plantations, see the Batwa, one of the indigenous people in Africa, or head for a canoe ride to feel the cool sea fresh air as we take a look at number of numerous bird species, maybe we head for a short hike, or biking around, to keep yourself fit and relaxed, we can as well opt for visit to the number of falls around, as well as visiting some of the amazing caves around. The list is endless, the choice is in your hands, as we advise on the number of alternative activities available to keep you fresh. All we need is you to have full maximum enjoyment on your visit with us.