Online gorilla permit booking is a newly introduced booking method for the gorilla permits for the clients who do not feel to use the tour operators. However, there are dangers of online gorilla permit booking such as extra charges as other tour operators may tend to charge huge volume of money from their clients who tend to only need a permit. When planning to go gorilla tracking in the Volcanoes national park Rwanda, it’s very necessary for you to first book your gorilla pass ahead of your actual tracking date as they often get finished quickly.

However, as every system has its consequences, it’s the same applies here as we shall discuss it here. When planning to go gorilla tracking in either Volcanoes national park in Rwanda, or Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park in Uganda, it’s very necessary for you to first book your gorilla pass ahead of your actual tracking date as they often get finished quickly.

Gorillas are only found amidst three countries in Africa, thus Rwanda, Uganda and Congo. In Rwanda, permits go out for $1500 per person, while in Uganda, the permits are at $700 per person. The issues of booking the gorilla permit whether through a local operator or online are quite very competitive as you do not think. This is due to over demand of the gorilla permits from the entire world due to great trekking experience, which is always referred to a lifetime experience one wants to undertake through reading from various sources and the good security within the region.

Also due to the few permits given out per day, due to the conservation measures, this makes the permits not to be enough compared to the thousands of people in need to see these gentle forest creatures. You may want to go online for that matter to secure the permits, but here are the consequences.

  • You may write email and emails and have no response, due to the fact that the offices are busy, many emails are also coming in, which makes them to give less attention to your email, after all they have business.
  • Your email may end up on junk file, this means they will not access it.
  • Due to system failure, you mail fail to book online, and this may, and this may interrupt your safari planning.
  • The online system is not regularly updates about the gorilla availability; this may make you not know when there is availability as the system keep reading no availability.
  • You may be in a large group as 4 and above, and few permits are very few online compared to your group, this may mess up with your group booking.
  • You may fail to know the allocation for the group you’re tracking; this may cause confusion with hotel booking.
  • You will be restless, waste a lot of time, and be on pressure, trying to look for the permits for your group.
  • In case of cancellation, you may fail to resale the permit, and sincere they are non-refundable, you lose out all the big sum of money.
  • You may fail to get to know about what it takes to do a gorilla trekking, as you may think, it’s all about getting the permits and get going, gorilla trekking is quite different from any other adventure you have undertaken, it’s not as simple as you may think. It needs early preparation, and this can be advised by your tour agent.
  • You may get the permits, but because of unavoidable certainty, one of the members or is not able to make it to the trekking day or your group wants changes, this may be horrible as trying to communicate but no feedback or unsuccessful communication.


All these buriers can be brought to an end by use of a reliable, and licensed tour operator, who can take full charge of your trip booking, advice you accordingly, be in direct contact with you right from the start and throughout your trip bookings, or help you secure your gorilla permits. Rwanda Eco Company and Safaris or Beyond Kigali City Tours, are the company that will help you through all these hustles, you need no to worry, just seat back and get everything handled for you at ease.

A tour operator is like insurance, better insure than risking the whole sum of money. Our team is good at this; they will design a trip around you, to match your interests, tastes and budget, and created with an absolute commitment to quality.