A gorilla trekking safari is an inclusive safari which may have other safaris combined with gorilla trekking partly or a fully only gorilla trekking as the major activity plus other activities such as cultural walk inclusive. The safari includes all accommodation, transportation, gorilla permit, meals and guide inclusive on the entire package. All is wrapped up in one.

What time does the gorilla trekking start?

The gorilla trekking starts at 8:00am with a briefing at every park but your expected to reach the park by 7:00 am so that you may prepare yourself in time and know some of the members in your group before the briefing kicks off.

Do I know the group I will be trekking?

You only get to know the group you will be trekking when you have a valid permit. Your company will notify you about the group on your permit upon securing for you your gorilla permit, depending on the availability as well.

How do I access the briefing center?

Your company driver guide will pick you up, early in the morning after your early morning breakfast and transfer you to the briefing point.

How long does the trekking last?

Depending on the family you’re trekking how close they are to the park headquarters or the trekking point, because sometimes you will drive to a point. Also depending to the gorilla movement, were they stayed the previous night. The trekking can last from 30 minutes to six hours in search for the gorillas. It may also depend on the people in your group since the guides/rangers move following the slowest person in the group.

Can one do a double gorilla trekking?

You can trek as much as you want, or as many times as you wish, so long as you have paid in time and have the permits with you. Kindly get in touch your tour operators in regard to your interest of double gorilla trekking so as all can be arranged for you in time.

Is it possible to trek Uganda gorilla with a transfer via Kigali – Rwanda?

It is now possible to trek Uganda or Bwindi gorillas through Rwanda by flying through Kigali International airport. By flying through Kigali International Airport, one is able to reduce the drive time to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to 5-6 hours compared to if one uses Entebbe International Airport where the drive time is 8-9 and sometimes 10 hours from Entebbe to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

With the introduction of the East African tourist visa, one can now visit both Uganda and Rwanda without hassle. The good news also is that one can now apply for Rwanda Visa upon arrival something that is making the process of obtaining Rwanda visa easy. East African tourist visa costs USD100.00 and allows you to visit three east African countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Uganda. Contact Rwanda Eco Company &safaris for details about Bwindi gorilla safaris through Kigali Airport.

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