After briefing by the park ranger guide, your group of 8 trekkers will follow the ranger guide into the dense jungle following various trails in search of the allocated gorilla family.  There is no actual time to spend in the jungle but varies from as early as 30 minutes or else extends to a couple of hours depending on how far or near the group is. The gorillas are mobile, are always moving up and down in search of food, however their movement is always monitored by the park officials. However, despite the unpredictable time, trekkers are 99% assured of meeting the gorillas at the end of the trek. Gorilla trekking is not a walkway venture but rather a tiresome adventure that require physical fitness.

What time is Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes National Park

No one knows the actual time to spend in the forest, but you are greatly assured of meeting the gorillas, it may last from 2 – 6 hours depending on gorilla movements. Just like their name, mountain gorillas live in mountainous regions with steep slopes, which make it quite tiresome to trek. Expect muddy, slippery and wet grounds in the rainy seasons and early mornings. Remember to pack some bits and drinks to keep biting and sweeping as the trek get tiresome.

Why walking stick while trekking in Rwanda.

Use a walking stick for support along the way during your gorilla trekking safari. You may request for a potter through your agent, so as a potter to be arrange for you in advance who will carry your luggage as well as give you company as you trek. The journey to the gorilla family is tiresome, but enjoyable; it’s part of doing a physical exercise, as you fulfill your heart desire of trekking. For gorilla trekking packages, kindly get in touch with Rwanda Eco Company and Safaris or Beyond Kigali City Tours, they will help you, to arrange a lifetime gorilla trekking safari, at your own interest and budget.