During your golden monkey trekking or gorilla trekking porters might be needed to help you around with your luggage such and movement around. The gorilla trekking porters gives your assistance as you go about with your trekking, it may seem very easy but become hard during the trekking as it involves a lot of hiking and sometimes the ground may seem very slippery that you may require extra hard to lean on, and that where you porter becomes of great help.

Those with movement difficulties or with mobility problem we advise you to take a porter along with you to help you during your gorilla trekking adventure. The porters just cost roughly 10 to 15 dollars per porter, which is relatively cost friendly compared to the great work they do on their way down the trekking.

This is also a way to support the local community by taking a porter along with you during the gorilla trekking, as these porters look at this as their employment opportunity to benefit from the tourism opportunity. The porters are from the living local communities around the park, and they are selected by the park officials to give assistance to tourists who need assistance during trekking. It is not a Must to take a porter along with you during the trekking, it’s your choice to request for a porter who will guide you and give your assistance as you go around.

The porters are always available at the starting point of each trek, no need to book in advance, as they are always there waiting for you.